Hal & Al's Fine Australian Wine

"And of the fruits of date palms and vines, from which you draw wine and goodly provision, there are indeed signs in that for a people who apply reason." Sura An-Nahl 16:67

Although the early Mohammed was reportedly as much a friend of wine as most of his contempories in Mecca, he later turned his mind to other pleasures. The namesakes of our label, childhood buddies Hal Bagelstein and Al DeLepanto, highlighted the sad irony in Mohammed's turn from vines to women. How peaceful the world could be today, if only Mohammed had kept with the vines.

Having left this world for their own patch of paradise long ago, Hal and Al now gaze down on us, wondering what is done to the Lucky Country they loved so much. We, who are left to dwell here for a little longer, value their free spirit and sharp sense of humour.

It is our firm commitment to serve you the best from the rich red soils of Australia, to do so in the right spirit and for the right reasons.

Our second first offering in time for the 2015 Festive Season carries the label '72 Virgins' and is either a very drinkable sparkling wine or a shiraz, sourced from the picturesque Barossa Valley, South Australia.

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Hal and Al's Label of 72 Virgins Sparkling Wine
Hal and Al pouring their first wine

The only photo of Hal and Al that survived the great fire of Smyrna. Hal (on the left) is talking while Al pours wine for friends the night before the fire. They boarded a steamer to Haifa the following day; went on to Bombay, and arrived in Darwin on 29 February 1923.